3 Casino Fundraiser Games That Will Be A Hit

Featured Image by Pixabay If you are trying to raise money for a future bride and groom or want to donate to your favorite charity, creating a casino night fundraiser can be fun and profitable. Guests will love getting into the spirit of gaming and testing their betting limits. A casino night is a perfect way to raise some serious cash while giving your guests an evening to remember. You ca

Your Guide to a Casino Nights Fundraiser

Image by One of the hardest parts of planning a fundraising event is picking something guests will love. Your ultimate goal is to raise money for an individual, event, team, or charity, but you also want to make sure that those who are donating money are also having fun.  With a casino fundraiser party, that may be possible. However, you may need to put thought into th

5 Tips on How to Run a Successful Casino Night

Image by Whether you have a special event coming up or want an excuse to bring your friends and family together, you may have decided to host a casino night. A casino-themed event can be exciting, unique, and ideal for a variety of occasions like birthdays, fundraisers, and anniversaries.  However, the planning process may not be as straightforward as you may have hoped. I

Why You Should Have Craps at Your Next Casino Party

If you’ve ever spent time watching an action film that includes the presence of a casino, you’ve likely seen people playing craps. This game involves throwing dice while sitting around a table. The game is extremely popular and, as a bonus, is also super easy to play. If you’re hosting a party in the future, think about renting casino tables in New York and setting up a game of craps. Learn

4 Quick Tips for Playing Poker at Casino Night

So you’ve rented your casino tables, decorated your venue, invited all your guests, and it’s time for a casino night! With all the games to play and crowds to join, it’s not hard to find fun around every corner with a theme like this. One of the biggest draws to a casino night is a game of poker – but if you learned poker is watching movies, you may not be aware that there are some unspoke

5 Tips for an Awesome Casino Birthday Party

If you’ve never had a casino birthday party, you are missing out! Casino themed parties are instantly fun, glamorous, and unique – and they can be incredibly affordable as well with the right casino rental company. Here are five tips for making a night you won’t forget. 1. Choose the right venue. If you intend to have your party outside of your home or other private venue, consider venues

Is a Casino Theme Party Right for Your Event?

Are you planning an upcoming event? If so, the chances are good that you are feeling a little frazzled and possibly even somewhat frustrated. How do you ensure that you’re planning a fun event for everyone? How do you maximize turnout? How do you make sure that everyone enjoys themselves? A casino theme party might be just the right thing for your needs, allowing you to pull off the perfect even

The Most Overlooked Items with Any Casino Rental

Planning a casino party? Whether you’re bringing things together to celebrate a birthday or hosting a corporate event, these can be incredibly exciting gatherings. However, planning them can be another story completely, and it can be very easy to overlook important items. Below, we’ll cover some of the most often overlooked element with any casino rental. 1. Space One of the first considerat

Spin the Wheel and Win Big When You Host an Authentic Casino Night!

Planning a party in the greater New York City, Long Island, and Connecticut areas just got a whole lot easier! Creating a memorable event with a rental casino night will make your party, corporate event, or fundraiser one that will be remembered for years to come! In addition to cards and other games of chance, a full-service casino night rental can also include photo booths that will provide your
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