Casino Party Rentals Connecticut

Casino Party Rentals Connecticut

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Casino theme parties offer more than just entertainment; they’re great for all sorts of entertaining and celebratory events, including birthday parties, casino fundraisers, bridal showers, bachelor parties, or corporate events. 

That means you don’t have to go to Las Vegas to make a casino night. In fact, the residents of Connecticut can play casino games at their own celebrations, in their own home, or at a revenue of their choosing. All you need is some good company, a couple of gaming tables, and perhaps a professional dealer to have the best casino party in Connecticut. 

Casino Themed Party Rentals

Casino Parties LLC can provide the games and the dealers, which puts you in charge of inviting a good company to your casino night event, and nothing else entirely. In addition, the company can provide all the gambling equipment for your poker party, including all the standard games like roulette, blackjack, or slot machines.

Casino Parties LLC will also organize and decorate your chosen venue, so whether you’re having a small, themed dinner or a massive poker tournament, you can count on our high-quality gambling party supplies to bring the thrill of the casino to your event. If you’re looking to organize a casino party, contact us at Casino Parties LLC, and let us deal with the equipment and decorations, so you can enjoy your time with your guests. 

Areas We Provide Casino Parties in Connecticut

Casino Parties LLC is the best casino equipment renting company in the tri-state area, including New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. The company offers resources that would turn your next event into a magical casino night, with high-quality gaming tables that match the quality and dimensions of the real gambling tables found in the world’s best casinos. 

While Casino Parties LLC offers its services to the entire tri-state area, we are especially thrilled to rent out our equipment to residents of the following metros: 

  • Bridgeport
  • Stamford
  • New Haven

Casino Table Rentals in Connecticut

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Casino Parties LLC offers a sizable list of casino party equipment available to its customers, whether they’re throwing a corporate party, celebrating a birthday, or organizing a charity fundraising. Here’s what we have to offer: 

  • Craps Table — Any casino event would be incomplete without at least one craps table, since it’s one of the most popular casino table games. Casino Parties LLC provides clients with a variety of table sizes, which mimic the ambiance of a real-life casino and increase your guests’ sense of immersion in the overall casino party environment. 

  • Blackjack Table — Blackjack is a social game that promotes interaction between players, and offering a seat at the blackjack table to your guests will undoubtedly bring a group of people closer together. This is a fantastic game for both business team-building exercises and private gatherings, since it’s one of the most popular games in Las Vegas and New York, and it can be played with real currency or “funny money” offered by our company. 

  • Roulette Tables — Casino Parties LLC is offering standard-sized single- or double-zero roulette tables, allowing a larger number of your guests to play and watch at the same time. Additionally, the company also offers dollies, chips, and other roulette-related equipment, and it’s even willing to set up the roulette display at your party. 

  • Poker and Texas Hold’em — Card poker, such as Texas Hold’em, is an exceptionally entertaining game that requires some skill, and your guests are likely to enjoy a bit of competition. That’s why poker tournaments, which are exciting for a large group of guests, can elevate a party. Luckily, they’re also exceptionally simple to arrange and organize. If you think this is something your guests would appreciate, Casino Parties LLC would gladly arrange everything for you. We will not only supply the poker table, cards, and chips, but we will also staff the event with real-life casino dealers to make the experience more authentic.

  • Slot Machines — Slot machines are the staple of every gambling establishment, and having one or two at your party is likely to keep a number of guests entertained for quite some time. This game is mostly enjoyed by those who don’t know how to play Texas Hold’em or blackjack, and the tempting aspects of these machines are likely to keep your guests immersed and offer them a wonderful time.

  • Custom Currency — Gambling wouldn’t be as entertaining as it is if the thrill of winning isn’t involved, and there’s no money to play the games with. Your guests can play with real money, which is great for fundraisers; you can also opt for custom funny money provided by our company. Casino Parties LLC offers custom currency printed on a banknote paper stock, which only adds to the high-entertainment value associated with the gambling activity. 

  • Clay Chips — There’s a reason why betting is fun, but nobody likes seeing snake eyes, which is why your guests may not bring vast amounts of money with them. However, Casino Parties LLC offers ample clay chips to be used instead of money, and without the casino experience wouldn’t be complete. 

  • Casino Party Photographer — Social events are about socializing with your guests, and we at Casino Party LLC acknowledge that. Since we want you to spend more time having fun with your guests instead of looking through the camera lens, we can provide your party with a photographer that will capture all the entertaining moments. In addition to offering digital copies and printed photos, the company also has a photo booth for rental in case you want to grant such an experience to your guests. 

Find Out More About a Themed Casino Party in Connecticut

Casino parties are incredibly fun and versatile, and with the help of Casino Parties LLC, your guests will be mentioning your party for years to come. If you’re interested in checking out our goods or enlisting our service, please contact us at Casino Parties LLC, and we’ll provide you with the best service, great equipment, and the most affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to gamble with friends in Connecticut?

Yes. It is legal to gamble with friends in CT. As long as the house/host does not profit from play and you do not charge for alcohol.

How to do a casino night with friends in Connecticut?

Hire us. We will handle everything for your casino night. All you need to bring are the guests and the prizes.

How do you throw a casino party?

Simple steps to throw a casino party:

  1. Think of an occasion. Casino parties do well for birthdays, company parties, fundraisers, weddings, and many more.
  2. Hire a reputable company. Find a business that provides professional tables and fun dealers.
  3. Send out invitations.
  4. Come up with some fun prizes for your casino party.

Where can I play poker in CT?

You can play poker in most major casinos. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun both have great poker rooms. You can also play in a home, VFW, event venue, or any place people can gather.

Is it illegal to play poker for money at home in Connecticut?

No, it is not illegal to play poker in your home for money. As long as you are not selling alcohol and you are not making money from the action. In other words, you can only profit from the play if you win. You are not taking a percentage of the bets.

What size is a rental 6 person poker table?

Great poker tables can accommodate 9 players at a time with a dealer comfortably. 8 feet long x 4 feet wide is the best size for this. No casino carries anything smaller.

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What Our Clients Say
I’ve searched through all the casino rental companies in the area & Casino Parties, LLC was the only one to offer the Roulette Display Board. The display board was customized just for my event & it looked very professional. My guests raved about it & how their Roulette experience was just like at the casinos. – Travis E.

Casino Parties, LLC, is an amazing vendor to work with. They answered all my questions right away, & put all my concerns to rest. With their expertise, they suggested dos & don’ts for a successful fundraiser. Their equipment was outstanding. The dealers were all friendly & took the time to teach some guests to play. We not only did we raise more than our expected goal, but we all had a blast! We definitely recommend their services & we are definitely booking again for next year! Thank you, Casino Parties, LLC! – Gloria C.

The party was a success last night! Thank you to Casino Parties, LLC! - Jon M.

Casino Parties, LLC, has done all of our Holiday Casino Themed Company Parties. Food, drinks & to gamble the night away without losing a cent is how my staff loves to have fun & unwind! – Christina C.

Casino Parties, LLC was by far the BEST deal I received from all the other companies I contacted. From the great quality equipment, to the very professional dealers & my guests having fun… I definitely got my money’s worth!
– Piper B
Great entertainment for parties of all ages! – Lisa S.