How to Find or Make Casino Decorations for Cheap

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Hosting a casino-themed party is quite an exciting prospect. It can be an excellent idea for a fundraiser, an anniversary, or even a birthday. Once you decide to host a themed party, there are options galore for making it as authentic as possible. Most of the time, decorations are the easiest way to inject that much-needed casino vibe. However, affordability can throw a spanner in the works. Many casino decorations for sale are expensive, especially for something you’ll likely only use once. Fortunately, finding or making casino decorations for cheap is easier than you think. We’ve included a few helpful ideas in this article below to help you get party planning underway. 

Find a Casino Party Hire Business

You might think you’ll have no option but to buy casino decorations when you’ve struggled to find them to buy at affordable prices. However, that might not be the case. There are dedicated businesses whose sole purpose is to provide party planners with casino decorations and equipment. Rather than buying expensive roulette wheels, blackjack tables, and slot machines, you can hire them instead. Some of the best casino equipment hire companies even provide custom funny money and party photographers to help you plan a party your guests never forget. 

Ask People You Know

If you know people in your life who have planned casino-themed parties in the past, don’t be afraid to ask them if they have any decorations tucked away in storage. After all, most people who purchase casino decorations only use them once. You might be able to borrow them from people you know or purchase them cheaply. Borrowing or buying used also means you’re helping the environment by not buying new! 

Visit Party Supply Stores

While you might be able to secure casino equipment like slot machines and poker tables from a casino equipment hire company, don’t be afraid to visit a party supplies store. There’s no denying that plenty of decorations can be out of your budget, but that’s not to say all of them will be. These stores can be the perfect places to find colored balloons, crepe paper, and disposable themed servingware at affordable prices. 

Request Help Online

If you have social media and are a member of local notice boards and groups, use them to ask for casino-themed decorations. You never know who has suitable equipment and decorations lying around from past parties. If those people don’t have any decorations, they might have connections to people who do and can point you in their direction. There’s no harm in making your request known so you can benefit from more affordable decorations than if you were to buy new. 

Look in Thrift Stores

There are always bargains to be had in thrift stores. You might only browse them for clothing and accessories, but they are worth exploring for decorations. Many people purchase new goods and have no need for them once their parties have concluded. Thrift stores can also be excellent places to find materials for hand-making decorations. At a minimum, you should be able to find playing cards that you can turn into place settings and bunting. 

Make Your Own Casino-Themed Decorations

While you might still choose to hire casino equipment like poker tables, slot machines, and roulette wheels, there are plenty of decorations you can make yourself. Use websites like Pinterest to gain inspiration and pick up the materials you need from local craft stores. We’ve included some unique ideas below: 

Playing Card Bunting

Bunting is always a fun party decoration, but you can make a much more affordable casino-themed version. Purchase a packet of playing cards and attach them in a line on a piece of string. You can then hang it on the wall at your venue and add some color and excitement! 

Giant Playing Card Photo Frames

If you’re renting a photo booth or hiring a photographer for your party, consider making giant photo frames that look like playing cards. Rather than having the Jack, Queen, King, or Joker in the middle, you’ll have guests instead! You can make these using large pieces of card from a craft store with hand-drawn details. 

Dice Gift Boxes

While you could spend a fortune on pre-made goody bags, you can also make your own to save money. Buy plain square boxes and place black circle stickers on each side to make them look like dice. You can then fill them with goodies like candy, soaps, or candles. 

Giant Dice Props

Dice well and truly fit in with the casino party theme, and they can be more affordable to make than you think. Speak to your local retail businesses to see if they have any perfectly square boxes you can have. You can then turn them into giant dice and place them around your venue. 

Black, Red, and White Balloons

Black, red, and white are the predominant colors at most physical casino locations. When your venue lacks color, casino-colored balloons can be the perfect way to inject it. Best of all, balloons are affordable. You can buy them in bulk and hang them from the ceiling, stick them on walls, and even create arches out of them for photo opportunities and to grace your entrance.

Giant Suits

Giant clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds are undoubtedly one of the easiest decorations you can make yourself. Purchase black and red colored cards from your local craft store and trace over a suit pattern downloaded from the internet. You can then stick these to the walls of your venue or hang them up to form a kind of decorative curtain. You might even like to create smaller versions to feature on the backs of chairs and as table decorations. 

Finding or making casino decorations for cheap might seem impossible, but it can be easier than you think. Hire casino equipment from Casino Parties LLC and get the word out in your local community that you’re looking for party decorations. Before long, you might have everything you need for a successful casino-themed party.

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