How to Organize a Casino Party Fundraiser

You may not realize it but one of the most popular for a fundraising event nowadays is one with a casino theme. It’s the best of both worlds in that people love hanging out and playing card games, slots, and roulette and the more people show up, the more funds that can be raised for a fantastic cause. But before you approach casino party rentals in Connecticut, check out their tips for making th

Tips for Hosting a Surprise Casino Party

If you want to throw an amazing surprise party for your friend or family member, there’s nothing like a casino party in Connecticut. Ramp things up and have some slot machines and blackjack for your guest of honor to indulge in on their birthday. They will have a blast and so will all of the other guests. Don’t worry, it’s not too hard. We’ll walk you through the process. Build an Enterta

The Benefits of Authentic Dealers and Casino Tables for a New York Casino Party

While changes in New York State laws have made casinos legal, there are still many questions around other forms of gambling outside of casinos. Does this mean that you cannot have authentic casino tables at a New York area party? Actually, there are great ways to host what are known as casino parties, with authentic dealers and casino tables in New York, and have it all be entirely legal! What is

3 Reasons to Choose a Casino Party for a New York Event

Are you tasked with putting together a celebratory event for your company or organization? Maybe you need to figure out an irresistible form of fundraising event? No matter why you are organizing a party, you’ll want to seriously consider a casino party as a New York event. Why? There are many reasons that this would be your best bet, but here are three of the top reasons we feel you’ll never

How to Bring the Casino Experience to Your Party

Even if someone has never been to a casino in person, they’ve seen it on TV and the movies. And what they see is fun, fun, and more fun. Giving your event a casino theme instantly gives it all the fun of a casino, and the guests will dive right into the good times. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right casino rental in New York. Use Fake Money Yes, gambling can be fun becaus

How to Get the Most Out of a Casino Party

There’s no experience in the world that’s quite like going to a casino. The glitz, the glamor, and the raucous fun make it unique beyond compare. However, with the right casino rental in Manhattan, NY, you can bring that casino experience to your home, office party, or other event. Here are some things you can do to have your guests laughing and having a great time all night long. Get the Rig

4 Mistakes to Avoid If You’re Throwing a Casino-Themed Party

There are plenty of ways to throw an epic party. If you want your guests to have a good time, why not pick a casino night theme? Before you go ahead and start putting the wheels in motion, here are a few planning mistakes you want to avoid. Forgetting about the invitations The invitations can easily set the mood of the party and they’re often easy to make, Dot Com Women says. It’s also a won

6 Ways to Plan the Perfect Casino Party

Preparing for the perfect casino party isn’t easy. Stay sane throughout the planning madness, though. Check out the following tips on how. Get the right equipment Using your own table for a poker party is all well and good. But if you want to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience, then you’ll want to rent out gaming equipment, How Stuff Works says. Look for companies that prov

Why You Should Have Craps at Your Next Casino Party

If you’ve ever spent time watching an action film that includes the presence of a casino, you’ve likely seen people playing craps. This game involves throwing dice while sitting around a table. The game is extremely popular and, as a bonus, is also super easy to play. If you’re hosting a party in the future, think about renting casino tables in New York and setting up a game of craps. Learn

4 Quick Tips for Playing Poker at Casino Night

So you’ve rented your casino tables, decorated your venue, invited all your guests, and it’s time for a casino night! With all the games to play and crowds to join, it’s not hard to find fun around every corner with a theme like this. One of the biggest draws to a casino night is a game of poker – but if you learned poker is watching movies, you may not be aware that there are some unspoke
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