4 Quick Tips for Playing Poker at Casino Night

So you’ve rented your casino tables, decorated your venue, invited all your guests, and it’s time for a casino night! With all the games to play and crowds to join, it’s not hard to find fun around every corner with a theme like this. One of the biggest draws to a casino night is a game of poker – but if you learned poker is watching movies, you may not be aware that there are some unspoken rules to the game that should be followed. Here are four quick tips to make your poker game more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

1. Don’t make a mess with chips when betting.

Did you see someone in a movie just shove all their chips into the pot when they were laying it all on the line? It looks like a cool move, but this is known as splashing the pot, and it is bad form. It makes it hard to see what you’ve actually bet. Moving all your chips in neat stacks into the pot is preferred.

2. Wait your turn to do anything.

Some players will get their hand and immediately want to fold. That is a strategy that you can employ to avoid losing money all night at the casino tables. However, it’s proper form to wait your turn before folding and leaving.

3. Don’t give away information after you fold.

If you fold, and then watch the game and bemoan the fact that a rag card was exactly what you needed – you are giving away information about the hand that could change the way someone bets.

4. Avoid the habit of string betting.

If you’ve watched poker on cowboy movies, you are familiar with string betting. This is when a player says something like “I see your 100 and raise you 200.” This is considered bad form in poker, and isn’t necessary. If you are raising, then it is a given you have seen their bet. Just say you are raising the bet.

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