Tips for Hosting a Surprise Casino Party

If you want to throw an amazing surprise party for your friend or family member, there’s nothing like a casino party in Connecticut. Ramp things up and have some slot machines and blackjack for your guest of honor to indulge in on their birthday. They will have a blast and so will all of the other guests. Don’t worry, it’s not too hard. We’ll walk you through the process.

Build an Entertaining Invitation

You want the invitation to give off the vibe of a casino from the start, so everyone knows what to expect. That doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of cash on invitations though. You can do something as simple as printing out an invitation with a fun casino pun and sending it with a couple of casino chips.

Set the Right Vibe for the Party

You need the right decoration for your casino party in Connecticut to seal the deal. You can go with balloons shaped like dice, VIP tables for important guests, and a red carpet for something that will impress without breaking your budget. Adding some cards with information about the games and signs for the various rooms can really help too.

Turn Up the Tunes

No party is complete without some fantastic music. This is no different when throwing a casino party in Connecticut. Scroll through your music library and look for songs that appeal to the casino vibe. Try Luck Be a Lady, Viva Las Vegas, and Poker Face for starters. You might be surprised how many options really work musically for this kind of theme.

Acquire the Right Entertainment

You want to have a nice selection of games for your party, so everyone can have an amazing time. That means you should pick out games that appeal to various skill levels. You can have a poker table for those who are well-versed with cards but toss in roulette or a slots machine that anyone can sit down and learn to use. Everyone has a different taste so go with unique games to appeal to all.

If you’re ready to host your surprise party, Casino Parties LLC is here to help you make it a roaring success. You can learn more about the staff and supplies that we offer and rent the items you need in advance. Just stop by and get in touch with us.

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