The Benefits of Authentic Dealers and Casino Tables for a New York Casino Party

While changes in New York State laws have made casinos legal, there are still many questions around other forms of gambling outside of casinos. Does this mean that you cannot have authentic casino tables at a New York area party? Actually, there are great ways to host what are known as casino parties, with authentic dealers and casino tables in New York, and have it all be entirely legal!

What is a Casino Party?

Casino parties are just as they sound – events in which authentic roulette wheels appear alongside authentic craps, Blackjack, poker and other casino tables at a New York event. It could be a fundraiser. It could be a party that is all about company fun and team-building. The point is that everyone learns how to play authentic casino games, wins “funny money” and then exchanges their winnings for raffle tickets and real prizes.

Hosting a Casino Event

If you think that real casino games with authentic prizes will appeal to your audience, whether it is co-workers or volunteers in a charity group, or simply a big group of friends, the use of authentic dealers and casino tables at a New York event is a great idea. It doesn’t have to be all about a “casino” theme, either. You could go the “James Bond” party theme, or you might make it an old riverboat cruise theme, or a Star Wars theme, if that appeals to everyone. The point is that the casino games can be played with professional, expert dealers but without the pressure and high stakes of a real casino setting.

Even better? Whenever players win, there are actual prizes at the end of it, and they just trade their funny money winnings for raffle tickets and take chances on whatever prizes are part of the event.

When you start with the right tables and expert dealers, it makes all of the difference in the experience. It won’t matter that it is not “real” money winnings because everyone will have so much fun learning, experimenting with gaming techniques and seeing who wins the raffle prizes.

At Casino Parties, LLC, you can host a fantastic casino party event and offer your guests the chance to play on real casino tables that can include the most famous games, including poker, Blackjack, craps and more. If you are eager to learn how to host an unforgettable event at a great price, just use the online contact form or phone 888-340-1873.

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