Casino-Themed Party Food That Is Fun to Make

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Summer is the perfect time to get loose and celebrate with your family and friends. Whether you are getting ready to host a 4th of July party or a big family reunion, one of the first things you will need to do is to pick a theme. While the basics are fine, it’s always fun to take things up a notch and really show your guests a good time with a casino night party.

You can rent some official casino games, bring in some dealers, and donate any winnings to your favorite family charity. Casinos are also famous for their buffets, and that can be a convenient way to serve a meal to a group, but what dishes will you treat them with?

There are dozens of cheeky casino-themed recipes that you can spoil your guests with. Once you have all the details taken care of for your casino night party, it’s time to get cooking. Let’s take a look at a few fun casino-themed party foods that are easy to make.

Prime Rib

Casinos are all about class and opulence. You can’t get more gourmet than offering Prime Rib at your party. Your Prime rib can be cooked in advance to save you time and fuss during your party and kept ready for guests on a simple buffet warmer. Cut it into thick, mouthwatering slabs or serve it skewered with freshly grilled vegetables as a shishkabob.

Baked Potato Bar

There is nothing that says “America” the same way as a stuffed baked potato with all the fixings. Every one of the guests will have a blast customizing their own spud to their specific tastes. A baked potato bar is easy to set up and fun for your guests. Make sure to offer the classic toppings including bacon, sour cream, green onions, and shredded cheese. 

Dice Cheese Balls

With a bit of customization and decoration, you can turn your standard cheese ball appetizer into a delicious casino-themed treat for your guests. Simply shape your cheese into a cube and use olives or grapes to replicate the dots on a dice.

Domino Brownies

If you want to add a bit of casino flare to your dessert table, you can’t go wrong with homemade brownies. Take a standard tray of premade brownies and cut them into small domino-shaped slices. You can use white piped icing to draw the lines and dots onto the brownies and you instantly have a fun casino-themed treat.

Slot Machine Fruit

If you have ever played the slots when at the casino, you may be familiar with the winning fruits. You can include cherries, watermelon, grapes and other juicy fruits to a shishkabob stick or as part of a buffet plate. For some extra flare, you could serve your fruit selections with a bit of icing sugar or chocolate syrup drizzle and serve them as a delicious dessert. 

If you are planning a party this summer, and want to treat your guests to something unique and fun, why not organize a casino night. Get the whole family involved in the play. Rent some casino games, pick out a few prizes, donate the collected winnings to a deserving charity and try some of these easy-to-make casino-themed recipes and get ready for a memorable party.

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