5 Casino Games for a Party That Everyone Will Be Entertained By

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A casino-themed party for a birthday, anniversary, fundraiser, or another special event is bound to be remembered by all who attend. After all, you won’t see many parties that allow you to gamble without always having to spend money and dress up as if you’re playing at a real casino. 

If you have been contemplating hosting a casino party in New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, or elsewhere, here are some fun games that will ensure guests have a memorable experience. 


Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games in existence, so it’s only natural that it will make an appearance at a casino-themed party. All you need is a table, cards, chips, and some players eager to place bets, and you have a recipe for success. 

With a blackjack table set up, you can also attempt to beat the dealer in a game of 21. The thrill of gameplay paired with the excitement of playing with your friends can mean you’re set up for a night you won’t forget. 


Not everyone considers themselves a skilled gambler, so having games of chance becomes necessary at parties with a casino theme. Roulette can undoubtedly tick that box. 

When you hire a company to host a party like this, they can bring a special roulette table, roulette display, and even the roulette wheel. These are typically not props you can find in your average party store when preparing for a special event. 

Roulette is also a fun game regardless of your skill level or previous casino experience. All you have to do is examine the table to learn the odds, place your bet, and let the ball fall where it may. 


Whether you love a traditional game of poker or you’re more interested in Texas hold ’em poker, you can have both at your themed party. A casino host can arrive with the cards, chips, and table and let you have fun playing rounds of poker for real money or custom funny money. 

Poker is a game of probability, psychology, strategy, and logic, so it’s bound to reveal who the dark horses in your friend circle are. 

Slot Machines

You might think that you have to visit your nearest casino to play on slot machines. However, that’s not the case when you hire a company to provide casino games for your special event. 

These thrilling games with spinning reels allow you to insert real money or chips and win it back when certain symbols appear on the screen. Take a break from the strategy and logic in favor of something that’s 0% skill and 100% luck. 


Craps is a unique dice game that lets you wager money against the ‘bank’ on a craps table or in an informal setting. Even though it’s unlawful in California, it’s a fun pastime for many people who visit their local casino. It’s also one of the many exciting and innovative casino games you can include in a themed party. 

Planning a party can be hard work when you’re not sure how to keep your guests entertained. With a gambling theme and plenty of exciting casino games, there’s a high probability that your party will be one your guests don’t forget for a long time.

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